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Brilliant Beze

Beze is a tiny village located less than half an hour’s drive North-East of Dijon. The village grew up around an abbey that was built there during the 7th century. Despite being a small village, there are a number of sights well worth checking out in Beze. There is a small river that sprouts out from the ground in the village and means that a number of the houses and monuments are set against a scenic backdrop.

Beautiful Beaune

Beaune is a small town located in the centre of Burgundy right in between Autun and Dijon. Beaune is extremely well known for its wine and it is also a lovely place to explore. The older part of town is relatively compact and is centred around the medieval hospital complex. There are a number of shops and streets that surround the centre. If you are thinking of taking a trip to Burgundy then you should certainly consider making a pit stop at Beaune, because you will really enjoy the experience. Here is a guide to what is a really wonderful town.

Auxerre Travel Guide

You can find the town of Auxerre on the banks of the Yonne River in the region of Burgundy. This town has been important historically because of its strategic location on the river. It was also an important staging post on the trade route between the Mediterranean and the North Sea. If you are thinking of visiting Burgundy, then you should certainly put Auxerre on your itinerary because there is lots to do and lots to see. Plus, it’s not that far off the beaten track so a visit is very worthwhile.

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See France Travel Tips

Budget Holiday Ideas For France

France is very close to the UK, so if you are thinking about renting a country cottage for a holiday and want value for money, French holiday cottages are a good idea. When most people think about a French country cottage, usually they picture open fires, quirky interiors and pretty gardens. Whilst that is all very typical of France, the rural holiday cottages of today have very often benefited from having been renovated with all the modern convenience combining both charm and comfort.

Great Places to Eat in Bordeaux

Bordeaux may be a region renowned worldwide for it’s wines, but their food selection is also top class too. After all, any area that offers the variety of vino that Bordeaux does, is sure to have a consummate palette for the finer things in life!

Secret Art Galleries in Paris

Fancy visiting some secret art galleries in Paris? Well, I say secret, I’m not the ONLY one who knows about these! But if you fancy heading of the well-worn tracks to the Louvre, and are up for seeing something a little different whilst in Paris, there’s a vast array of smaller galleries that might tickle your fancy.