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Bubbly Bonnieux

Post by Sharat | August 21, 2017 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Bubbly Bonnieux

If you are travelling in Provence, then Bonnieux is certainly worth taking a detour for. The village is extremely attractive as it sprawls down a hillside, and though it has not been developed for tourism like many of the other villages in the region, it is well worth a visit. The village’s main road cuts through the centre of it and effectively disectsBonnieux into two parts. Most of the shops and restaurants sit in the lower part of the village whilst the winding alleys can be found in the upper part as they lead you to the church that stands at the very top of the hill.

Start of in the lower half

You should begin your tour in the village’s lower half. Start off by paying a visit to Bonnieux tourist office which is located on the corner of Place Carnot. You should ask them for a map that shows the village’s highlights. There are a number of information boards strategically placed through the village and the map will guide you to them. The only problem is that they are in French but they do show photos of how the places used to look.

Check out the lower half church

Whilst there are no cultural attractions in Bonnieux lower half, there is still plenty to see and enjoy as you stroll along the winding streets that meander through the village. In particular check out the lower church that was constructed in 1870 and has various items of interest that used to reside in the old church such as a number of paintings dating back to the 16th century.

Climb the staircase

After exploring the lower half of Bonnieux, you should climb up the long straight staircase named Rue des Penitents which will take you all the way up the hill to the top of the village. The journey will take you past the old town hall with its overly grand stone entrance. As you ascend the staircase you will see a number of narrow passages that lead off to the side and wind their way around the hill. Make sure you spend some time exploring these passages because there are some beautiful gardens and houses hidden away.

Lovely views

When you reach the summit of the staircase along Rue des Penitents there are some lovely views of the roofs of Bonnieux and the countryside stretches for miles beyond. The Chapel Notre-Dame des Sept Douleurs originally stood at this location but due to an earthquake early last century had to be demolished. The only remaining trace of the chapel unfortunately is the chapel. Nevertheless, the climb is worth it.

Bonnieux by Salva Barbera, on Flickr

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