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Electric Entrevaux

Post by Sharat | March 7, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Electric Entrevaux

Entrevaux is a small medieval village in Provence. It is extremely picturesque thanks to its position that is raised above a bend in the Var river. The village is surrounded by mountain slopes and you enter it by crossing a narrow bridge and passing through a gate in the town’s fortified walls. Entrevaux has three medieval gateways in various parts of the town. If you are thinking of heading to Provence for a holiday you may want to make a stop at Entrevaux and see what it has to offer.

Exploring Entrevaux

Within the town walls there exists a warren of winding streets dotted by ancient houses just waiting to be explored. You will see some lovely squares and their prerequisite babbling fountains. If you enter the houses you will find that many have some fascinating features so make sure to take a gander along the narrow side streets to get a real sense of the town.

Check out the sun dial and communal bakery

There is an oil mill in Entrevaux that dates back to the 18th century and continues to operate to this very day which even for Provence is extremely unusual. Another attraction of interest is the sun dial on the Maison Fulconis which has been serving as time keeper for the village residents since the 16th century. Make sure you check out the communal bread oven which is nicknamed the “four banal” because it used to be the town’s only bakery and residents were forced to purchase their bread at prices set by the local aristocracy.

The church

You should also pay a visit to the small ‘Cathedral of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption’ which is located on the edge of town. Many people still call the church a cathedral but in fact this building which was built during the 17th century lost its official role in 1790. There is a carved stone entrance that you need to pass through in order to get inside the building where you will find an ornate choir and an 18th century organ.

Visit the citadel

After you have toured all the main attractions in the village wander up to the citadel that was constructed during the 11th century and sits on a high rocky outcrop overlooking the village. The citadel can be reached by climbing a steep path that will take you right up to the edge of the rock. It’s a bit of an effort and you will end up feeling hot and sweaty but the views of the village from the citadel will make all the effort to get there worthwhile. If you head back in to Entrevaux, end your tour with a visit to a most unusual museum dedicated to small motorbikes and mopeds. It’s a pretty strange concept for such a small village but there are examples dating back to the 1920’s so it worth checking out.

Entrevaux by dierk schaefer, on Flickr

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