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Enticing Entrecasteaux

Post by Sharat | February 28, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Enticing Entrecasteaux

Entrecasteaux is located towards the North of the Côtes de Provence vineyards and wine producing region and the town is set against a backdrop of wooded hills. It sits in a relatively quiet part of Provence and is one of the region’s many unspoiled towns. Whilst few people visit this part of Provence, it is actually easy to reach either from the Mediterranean coast or from Gorges du Verdon. If you wish to see something new, then Entrecasteaux with its traditional Provencal charm that these days is hard to find is a great alternative destination.

Exploring Entrecasteaux

Entrecasteaux is extremely pretty and there are lots of things to see and do along its medieval streets. There aren’t that many important monuments but there is plenty of beautiful architecture such as pastel painted houses, cobbled staircases and vaulted passageways that add a lot of individual character. There are a couple of Roman style churches in Entrecasteaux. You should check out the Church of Saint-Sauveur and also pay a visit to the Chapel of Notre-Dame l’Aube. If you want a lovely view across the village rooftops then head to the Chapel of Saint-Anne.

Entrecasteaux castle

Towering over the village is a chateau that stands at one end of Entrecasteauxand is the main tourist attraction. The chateau sits on the site of an earlier fortress and was built between the 15th and 17th centuries. There is very little left of the medieval fortress that used to be located where the chateau now stands. The chateau is built in a typical Provencal style and does not have an ostentatious exterior that you find in other parts of France. Inside Entrecasteaux castle the rooms are filled with tapestries, period furniture and other items.

The gardens

The gardens of the castle were laid out by le Norte who was the designer responsible for planning the gardens of Versailles. These gardens of course are far less grand, nevertheless the geometric clipped hedges serve as a fantastic backdrop for the castle. If you wish to visit the castle then you need to come between Easter and the end of September when it is open to the public. The cost of entry is eight Euros and the castle is closed on Saturdays.

Entrecasteaux, on Flickr

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