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Exciting Embrun

Post by Sharat | February 21, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Exciting Embrun

Embrun is located about 30 kilometres away from Gap in France’s Provence region. The town sits on a cliff just above the river Durance and underneath Mont Guillame. This means Embrun is in a very attractive location which unfortunately has meant some parts of the town and the countryside which surrounds it have been over-developed. Despite that fact, much of the historical centre of the town has been retained and there are some tourist attractions that are well worth seeing. If you are thinking about visiting Provence for a holiday then you may want to think about checking out Embrun whilst you are there.

Exploring Embrun

You should begin your visit to the old town centre, more specifically, around Place Barthelon which serves as the location of the town hall and some lovely cafes. You should take a stroll through the streets many of which have been pedestrianised. What you will find is that Embrun is quite a typical Provencal town. There are lots of cafes and shops, plus plenty of interesting buildings painted in wonderful colours and there are a wide variety of architectural highlights including some beautiful little squares which contain some decorative old fountains.

The cathedral

Embrun does have some historical monuments and the most important of which are the Cathedral Notre Dame du Réal and the streets that surround it. The cathedral was built in Lombardy style and is particularly impressive thanks to its uniquely decorated façade featuring a large central rose window. Make sure you go inside to see the fabulous organs and the treasury. The walls inside also feature some lovely patterns as well.

Stroll along the river

Adjacent to the cathedral is a 13th century square donjon that used to be part of Embrun’s defensive structure. Other interesting attractions in this town include the Archbishop’s garden and the chance to take a lovely stroll to a vantage point across the river. You should also be sure to visit the Maison des Chanonges which was also built during the 13th century and has an understated beauty and features a wonderful decoration of a lion feasting on a goat (don’t worry it’s not gory).

The Maison

The building has some beautiful arched windows and a doorway which were revealed following extensive renovations. You should take a look at a photo of the building prior to its renovations which hangs on the wall and you will be amazed by the fact that such a wonderful looking building now looks so ordinary.

Embrun, by Office de Tourisme Embrun on Flickr

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