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Gorgeous Gordes

Post by Sharat | May 21, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Gorgeous Gordes

Gordes is part of the official list of France’s most beautiful villages and is about a 40-minute drive East of Avignon. The village sits on the slopes of a large rock in Provence’s Luberon area. When you visit Gordes you will not question its inclusion in the list. It is a beautiful Provencal village complete with narrow cobbled streets that wind their way up past the large antique houses, a church and finally to the castle that stands overlooking the village. When you get to the top you get some spectacular views of the Luberon mountains.

Explore Gordes

If you visit Gordes you will need to park your vehicle on the Northern side of the village which means your visit will begin in the upper part of Gordes. So you will start with the castle and the church at the top of the hill and then descend down the hill to explore the rest of the village. The castle is easily the most important historical attraction in Gordes and was originally built in 1031 and subsequently rebuilt in 1521 and since then has been carefully restored. It is an imposing structure featuring high stone walls and round towers and one could easily describe it as being a combination of medieval and Renaissance architecture.

The castle

Within the castle you will find the village Tourist Office and the castle often serves as the venue for temporary art exhibitions. When you get to the tourist office you should request a map because without it, you will not be able to find the hidden gems dotted throughout the alleys of the village. Right next to the castle you will see a square fountain and whilst at first glance it may seem rather unremarkable, you will be surprised to learn that this fountain was the only source of drinking water for village residents right until 1956.

Take a stroll

You should walk down the small lane at the bottom of Place GentyPantaly if you want to get to the Church of Saint-Firmin. Right next door to the church you will find the entrance to the Chaplaincy of Saint-Jaques, but beyond a wooden door set in a stone doorway there is nothing else to see. There is an arch located adjacent to the chaplaincy which used to serve as one of the original entrances into Gordes through its defensive ramparts.

Experience the views

You should also take a trip to the Theatre des Terrasses which has some beautiful views of the South. After doing that wander back up the hill and back into the centre of the village. If you still have energy you can even take a longer route the descends down the hill from the vantage point and then turns into the lower part of the village where there are plenty of stone houses and gardens. If you do decide to visit Provence you should put Gordes on your itinerary. It is very popular and you won’t be surprised by the fact that it is considered one of the country’s most beautiful villages.

Gordes by shadowgate, on Flickr

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