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Get To Gourdon

Post by Sharat | June 7, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Get To Gourdon

Gourdon is another village in Provence that is part of the most beautiful villages of France list. As you approach the village you will find yourself climbing increasingly higher through the rocky forested valley. As you do this it is impossible to be anything but impressed by your first look at Gourdon. The village sits high on a rocky outcrop and has some spectacular views across the valley of the Loup river all the way up to the Mediterranean.

Exploring Gourdon

As we just mentioned the main attraction on any visit to Gourdan is its stunning views which is more than enough compensation for having to jostle with the tourist crowds for a few hours. The best vantage point to take in the view is at the end of the village at a spot known as the ‘Eagle’s Nest’. The village is in it of itself an attraction because it has been beautifully restored and its medieval streets are lined with artisanal shops and some lovely old houses.

The museums

Gourdon’s main historic attraction is the Chateau de Gourdon which was first built during the 9th century and subsequently rebuilt in the 16th century. The chateau serves as home to the Museum of Decorative Arts and a Medieval Museum. It is surrounded by a beautiful set of gardens designed by the world-renowned landscape artist Andre le Notre.

A little bit artificial

When you visit Gourdon you may get the sense that you are paying a visit to a tourist attraction rather than a real village. You will probably suspect that Gourdan has very few permanent residents living in the village, so unfortunately Gourdan does lack the lived-in charm that many other villages in Provence have. Do not let this deter you from visiting, in fact we highly recommend it, even if it is just to enjoy the approach to the village and the castle and take in the views, just make sure Gourdan is not the final destination.

Make sure you visit other destinations

There are plenty of other villages in Provence with equally spectacular views and have a much more authentic lived-in feel to them. Though we most say none of them look anywhere near as amazing as Gourdon does from across the valley. One of the many interesting places in the region around Gourdon that we recommend you pay a visit to is Valbonne. This is because it gets far less attention than it deserves and if you are trekking out do Gourdon you may as well make time to visit Valbonne as well.

Gourdon by Christophe Delaere, on Flickr

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