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MyFerryLink Ferries

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  • Returns : From £24
  • Each Way Fare : From £35

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Crossing Information

  • Ferry Crossing InformationPassengers Per Car : Up to 9
  • UK Port : Dover
  • Destination(s) : Calais, France
  • Crossing Per Day from Dover : up to 16 daily return crossings
  • Crossing Time : from 75 minutes
  • Check-in Information : at least 30 minutes prior to departure
MyFerryLink Ferries

MyFerryLink are the newest Dover to Calaias channel Ferry operator. MyFerryLink are unique in that they are French owned (the only such ferry operator on the Calais to Dover route) and their crew all have a stake in the business. This gives MyFerryLink an edge against their route competitors as you get the chance to sample French Culture as soon as you get on board.

Their fleet of ferries are of the highest standards with bars, restaurants and shops for all tastes. MyFerryLink's gourmet food menu in particular is a treat with a fantastic range of food packed with flavour.

MyFerryLink Information

Begining operations in August 2012, MyFerryLink operate the Dover to Calais route and currently have two ships which are modern "super-ferries". These are aptly named after famous French painters who are all recognizsed for a trademark style of subtlety and finesse - a tone very much in keeping with the MyFerryLink ethos:

MyFerryLink Ferries User Review

One of things that really impressed me about MyFerryLink was the quality of the actual ferries. Anybody who has a childhood recollection of doing the obligatory family holiday or day trip to France with their school will remember the ferry as a foreboding steel leviathan, all peeling paint and awful plastic seating as it violently belched steam and lurched across the channel with kids lined up vomiting over either side. Anybody brave enough to risk the food would be treated to something akin to the worst hospital food imaginable with the crossing itself a test of endurance designed to see how badly you really wanted that holiday!

Thankfully the Ferry dark ages are now in the distant past with the emphasis now on the holiday starting the moment you board the ferry. MyFerryLink do this aspect really well and it helps that they’ve recently updated their fleet with two brand new liners which are very modern and fitted with all the latest features and facilities. In terms of style, comfort and exclusivity I can’t fault them and the service, friendliness of the staff and food in particular were spot on. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MyFerryLink and as they come in slightly cheaper than their nearest competitor there’s no reason not to use them if you’re looking for a Dover to Calais crossing.

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