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France Courting Olympic Visitors

December 1, 2011 · Filed Under Trips to France · Comment 

If you happen to be visiting London next year for the Olympics, then why not hop on SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais, and head over to France for a short stint.

It turns out that a number of Northern French regions have decided to compete with Britain to attract tourists who are seeking accommodation when visiting the UK for next year’s Olympics, since the majority of accommodation in London is already fully booked for the sports extravaganza.

As a result various regions in France are looking to take advantage with the Core d’Opale already looking to cash in on its close proximity to the UK.

The Core d’Opale has over 70,000 beds available across all its properties with some priced as cheap as €62, which is almost half the €110 a night that is being charged in London.

Olympic visitors who decide to stay in the region are close to Calais, meaning after a SeaFrance Ferry journey, they are not very far away from London. The region has also arranged for a network of greeters who will guide visitors upon their arrival at seaports, train stations and airports.

If you decide this could be an option for you, then there are number of tourist attractions in the The Core d’Opale including the Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Saint Omer, which is over 800 years old. Not to be missed either is the Battle of Dunkerque Museum; and more than 100 miles of beaches.

The region also features 17 shopping centers, five casinos, six golf courses, and over 30 sporting centres that include facilities for a number of sports such as basketball, football, horse riding and gymnastics.

Cote d’Opale Developpement was founded in 2005 in conjunction with four different economic development agencies, covering the areas of Calais, Boulogne sur Mer, Saint Omer , Dunkerque.

The main aim of the organization is to publicise the investment opportunities available in the region. The organization offers free assistance to companies and investors looking to establish their operations or expand in the region.

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SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais Destinations

November 10, 2011 · Filed Under Trips to France, See France Destination Guides · Comment 

SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais lets those who are looking to reach fantastic destinations in France the ability to reach them both inexpensively and quickly, and with so many destinations to choose from, sometimes working out where to visit can be a difficult decision to make.

When you look at the options available in France, you will almost certainly find there is something for everyone. As a result we have chosen what we think are the three best destinations in the country.

After taking a SeaFrance Ferry Dover Calais you can visit everything from historical sites to the most thrilling theme parks which are ideal for the children. Disneyland is no doubt the most famous theme park, which comes complete with a wide variety of both rides, shows, hotels and much more.

Disneyland has a number of hotels strategically located on the property which make ideal accommodation for your stay, or you have the choice of staying somewhere else and visiting the park for the day.

Once inside the park the youngsters will get to see all the familiar characters that Disney has brought the world over the many years, as well as enjoy all the rides that are fun for all ages young and old.

What visit to France though would be complete without a trip to Paris, which is nothing more than a couple hours drive from Calais. Paris is world renowned for being the most romantic city on earth, and sites that are must see include the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and of course the Eiffel Tower.

Northern France also offers great destinations with many museums and memorials to choose from, with monuments that date back hundreds of years, with many that are tributes to the first and second world wars.

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SeaFrance Guide To The History Of Wine Making

November 1, 2011 · Filed Under See France Tips, Trips to France · Comment 

Since SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais is all about quick trips over to France,  and since the country is synonymous with wine making, we thought we would write a guide to the history of wine making.

Experts agree that wine has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. According to the most authoritative sources, the first certified makers of wine surprisingly enough came from Northern Iran, in the Zagros Mountains.

Archaeologist Andre Tchernia, one of the top experts in antique wines says that ”The remains of a yellowish residue deposited on the wall of a Neolithic jar, 7,000 years old, found at Hajji Firuz Tepe, Iran has proven to be a mixture of tartaric acid and resin.”

The evidence of which suggests that Neolithic man drank VIN2.

Whilst it is widely reported that King Solomon used wine to celebrate special occasions, it was the Greeks who made the greatest contribution to Mediterranean viticulture, and hold a long history of such activities in Mediterranean countries.

The Phoenicians were the first to being wine to France when they arrived at the port of Marseilles, probably not by SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais we think.
All kidding aside, at that time wine was primarily produced from grapes using fermentation to which seawater was added for preservation during the transportation phase. At the destination, fresh water was then added to get rid of the salty taste.

Ancient Egyptians also had a very organized wine making tradition with Osisris. Whilst the Romans had a tradition established under Dionysus and Bacchus, and the Babylonians had a tradition best represented by Gilgamesh. Wine most recently though symbolizes the blood of Christ in the Christian tradition, and over the many thousands of years its use has changed dramatically.

Interestingly, Roman wine was very spicy, and is nothing like the type of wine that is commonly drunk today. The vine culture was first introduced in France by Phocea the Greek, when the Roman colonization took place, Gallic vines were then grown around Beziers and Narbonne, with Beziers never forgetting its title of the wine capital of the nineteenth century.

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Check Out Brittany With SeaFrance

October 23, 2011 · Filed Under Trips to France · Comment 

The best thing about SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais, is it lets you hop over the channel quickly, and one place that is worth visiting is Brittany, which is a peninsula located in the north west of France.

Brittany is strategically located between the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel, and features ancient castles, a Celtic heritage and stunning rugged coastlines.

Travelling through Brittany reveals a history that is rich and is symbolized by its people, customs and language.

Located on the Atlantic ocean, means that Brittany is ideally suited for outdoor water sports, including scuba diving and sailing. Seawater treatments that offer tourists a great way to relax. If you like seafood, then Brittany is a great place to visit, since it offers arguably the finest cuisine of this kind in France.

Brittany also features world class museums and has a variety of historic places including the Nantes Cathedral, Oceanpolis, and the Grand Phare (which is also known in English as the Great Lighthouse).

The capital of Brittany is Rennes, which is a centre for studies in Celtic, and is also known as a city for art and history.

If you have not visited Brittany yet, then it really is worth doing so, so hop on a SeaFrance Ferry Dover Calais, and head over there now.

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SeaFrance Guide To Buying French Property

October 13, 2011 · Filed Under Trips to France · Comment 

The best thing about SeaFrance Dover Calais is the ability to reach France both quickly and inexpensively. This means buying a second home in France is a real option these days for many. If you are thinking of buying a property, then here are a few tips for a more enjoyable experience.

There are some basic steps which will help would be buyers avoid some common pitfalls when buying a property in France. Perhaps the most important advice would be if possible, learn the language, because knowing how to speak French will automatically reduce the amount of complexity involved in what can be a complex transaction.

Learning a language of course is no easy task, and not everyone can do it, even if you are fluent in French, the paperwork involved in purchasing a property can be extremely confusing, and you probably won’t be able to understand what all of it means. In this case, the internet is the best tool for help. There are multiple websites that cater to offering legal advice for purchasers of property.

You could also hire what is known as a ‘Notaire’, which is a special kind of lawyer, whose sole responsibility will be to guide you through the process. If you do look to the internet for help, make sure you use a site that is not trying to push its own agenda.

Alternatively, you could hire a consultant/agent, or indeed an interpreter. Hiring someone in this capacity will certainly simplify the buying process, though it is an expensive option. The French legal system is quite different to that of the UK, and in particular with regard to such things as access rights, and which planning regulations must be followed. You should therefore carefully consider whether hiring a consultant is a necessity.

If you do end up hiring an agent, that person might well assume you are as in the know regarding local law as their French clients. The buying process is quite different, so it is worth taking the time to educate yourself, or hiring someone who speaks your language and does know about such matters.

In summary, when buying a property in France, don’t be afraid of asking questions, and make sure you understand the answers to those questions fully. If your agent does not understand your question properly, rephrase the question and keep asking it again, until you are sure he does understand.

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Another SeaFrance Guide To French Ski Vacation

The best thing about SeaFrance Dover Calais is the ability to whip over the channel and take a quick ski vacation in what is the most popular destination for tourists from the UK. France has some of the best ski resorts in the world, offering services that are appropriate for skiers of all levels and preferences.

If you are planning on taking a ski vacation to France, you should be aware that what the country has to offer in terms of destinations are both varied and diverse.
Ski resorts in France fall into four distinct areas, all of which are linked to each other. France has created large ski areas that are usually covered with a single pass. All resorts feature modern lift systems which make the areas easy to navigate and access.

It should come as no surprise that the main ski areas in France are centred around the French Alps, which provide a diverse landscape, and offer the perfect backdrop for anyone wishing to take a ski vacation. The region is well known for getting extremely cold during the month of January. Despite this fact it remains the ideal ski destination, with snow cover guaranteed between November and April.

The contrasting landscapes of France means ski resorts are available at both high and low altitudes, which allows for skiers of all abilities to take advantage and enjoy the landscapes that are on offer in the French Alps.

Resorts typically are in one of two categories, the first being more modern high altitude resorts that have been purpose built to provide skiing facilities, giving them a more modern feel, great services and a warm atmosphere to accompany the skiing facilities. The contrasting option is the more traditional skiing village, which are usually at lower altitudes and offer a more traditional experience.

If skiing in the French Alps is an exciting prospect for you, then you should begin looking at booking your holiday in 2012 now, so as to avoid any disappointment at not being able to visit your preferred destination.

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SeaFrance Destination Languedoc Roussillon

September 25, 2011 · Filed Under See France Tips, Trips to France, See France Destination Guides · Comment 

Languedoc Roussillon is a popular holiday destination located in the South of France, and easily reachable simply by hopping on SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais. Temperatures in this region during October are mild, with the mercury rising no higher than 21 degrees centigrade.

Languedoc Roussillon offers a number of ways for the holidaymaker to relax, with a multitude of leisure activities to choose from.

Self catering accommodation, holiday homes or gites are available for rental purposes, and since the next few months are the low season, you can ask proper owners for hefty discounts on the rental cost, which should be confirmed before you arrive.

There are a range of holiday options in Languedoc Roussillon. When it is sunny its proximity to the Mediterranean enables visitors the chance to enjoy spectacular coast lines and amazing sandy beaches, water activities, or just strolling through some of the many areas of natural beauty.

When the sun is not shining, Languedoc Roussillon has an overwhelming abundance of caves and grotto’s that can be explored, alongside ancient cities, towns, villages, cathedrals, chateux and castles.

Languedoc Roussillon has a variety of food markets that offer a variety of fresh food, enabling the tourist to try out a great French Tradition and sample their way of life. Markets are easily found, most are located at the heart of the town or village, and the region is renowned for its local produce which include tomatoes, seafood and olive oil.

Mild temperatures during this time of year make the region of Languedoc Roussillon quite favourable for those holidaymakers who wish to go walking or hiking through the French Pyrenees. If you are looking for an affordable holiday and pleasant weather, then hop on SeaFrance Ferries Dover to Calais, and head to Languedoc Roussillon.

The cooler temperatures in October are more favourable to the walker hiking through the Pyrenees and to those being more physically active have a preference for the cooler, fair weather compared to during July and August. Tourist looking toward an affordable holiday with good weather need look no further than the Languedoc Roussillon.

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SeaFrance Destination Gers

September 14, 2011 · Filed Under Trips to France, See France Destination Guides · Comment 

The great thing about SeaFrance Dover Calais is that you can quickly hop on and visit some of the lesser known attractions of France.

Gers is a relatively unknown location in the south west of France, which is easily accessible from the UK and lies just an hour’s drive away from the border with Spain. Gers is also quickly reached from major French cities such as Bergerac, Toulouse, Tarbes and Bordeaux.

Located near both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Gers is an ideal tourist destination, since there are some great ski resorts also in close proximity. This means that for those that choose to ultimately live there, very little travel time exists to reach a fabulous holiday destination.

Gers is also located very near the Pyrenees, which means the region has many fantastic views. A lot of the houses in that part of France have terraces offering spectacular mountain views. The landscape of Gers is very diverse, and varies between sunny valleys, rolling hills and lush woodland. Wildlife is diverse as well and visitors to the region can expect to see deer, wild boar and impressive birds of pretty swooping and perching in and around the area.

The Gers region is lined with sunflower filled fields, whilst other fields are used as vineyards in the production of wine. Gourmet French food is available in even the most remote of French villages, available at the most affordable of prices.

Gers has something to cater for everyone, and if you are planning to stay there, then in terms of accommodation properties exist to cater for every budget. Traditional home stay in sprawling properties, to modern housing, which are far easier to maintain. During summer Gers comes alive with fairs that come alive with colour an music.

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Hop On SeaFrance Ferries And Check Out Provence

September 7, 2011 · Filed Under See France Tips, Trips to France · Comment 

Now that visiting France is as easy as SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais, why not Visit Provence, an area that is rich in both history and contemporary flavours, making it an attractive destination for both tourist and getaway seeker. Provence is a region located in the south of France, and itself is sub divided into five main areas, each of which is spectacular.

The Alpes Maritimes, the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the Var, Vaucluse and the Bouches-du-Rhône are all excellent tourist destinations in their own right, all of which are placed very close to the Mediteranean, the French Alps, and the Rhone River and Italy. Many of Provence’s best known cities are located along the French Riviera, making it the perfect spot for a South of France holiday.

There are lots of things to do and see in Provence. Nice is well known for its culture and museums, such as the Prehistoric Museum of Terra Amata, tourists can also casually stroll along the Promenade des Anglais, which runs alongside the Mediterranean coast.

Marseilles is another world famous city, containing much of interest. Marseilles too has many museums, such as the Musée de la Faïence or the Musée des Beaux-Arts, which are amongst the better known in the city.

France of course is world famous for its wine, and holidaymakers have the opportunity to taste a number of varieties at the Mas du Clos de l’Escarrat. No doubt you will be familiar with Cannes, which the world over knows from its film festival, tourists have the chance to bet at its casinos or if they prefer something more leisurly, take a stroll through one of the cities many parks.

There are a number of other cities located in Provence that would be of interest to any holidaymaker, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Saint-Tropez and Biot, Grasse are all well worth checking out, all of which can be seen in a single trip.

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France’s Hidden Gems

September 3, 2011 · Filed Under Trips to France · Comment 

When visiting France on SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais , the obvious attractions are the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps a visit to the Loire Valley. However the country has many other attractions for the tourist.

If camping is your cup of tea, then there are a ton of day trips on offer. Paris itself, plays host to some of the most famous sights in the world, with most located on the surface, however its most macabre site is situated underneath the surface, well beneath the Parisian streets.

The Paris Catacombs is a cemetery that began operation during the 18th century as the city sought to come to terms with acute overcrowding of more traditional cemeteries. The Catacombs contain the remains of thousands of people and visiting them is an eerie and chilling experience.

Another hidden gem is the Oradour-sur-Glane , which is very moving for the visitor, because it was the location of one of the worst war crimes that took place during the Second World War. In the summer of 1940, a regiment of the SS entered the town and forced its entire population into the main square in retaliation for the stiff opposition that was posed by the French Resistance. All 640 residents, comprising men, women and children were massacred, with very few people managing to escape the terror. The town was then burnt to the ground and later rebuilt near the previous location, where it remains as a reminder of the terror of that night so many decades ago.

Another great destination is The Standing Stones of Carnac, which are thought to have been erected over 5000 years back. The collection of stones were carved from local rocks and are positioned in lines all around the town of Carnac. Like Stonehenge, the purpose of the rocks remains a mystery, though it is speculated that they have something to do with Druid ceremonies of a time long forgotten. The local legend suggests that they are a Roman soldier legion which was turned to stone by Saint Cornelius.

Another great destination for the tourist is the Machines of the Isle of Nantes, which is a collection of huge mechanical animals, which are housed in a abandoned shipyard warehouse. The collection includes a giant manta ray, a lantern fish and the main attraction is a 4 meter high elephant, on which visitors are invited to take a 50 minute ride round the town of Nante.

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