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Beautiful Hyeres

Post by Sharat | July 7, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Beautiful Hyeres

Hyeres is a beautiful French Riviera town in a prime location with plenty of beaches and some lovely Mediterranean countryside nearby just waiting to be explored. Hyeres became popular with the rich and powerful towards the end of the 19th century largely because of its palm tree industry. As a result, many of the houses you will see in Hyeres were built during this period. You will also see plenty of palm trees that serve as a reminder of its heritage and an industry that remains important to this day. If you are thinking about visiting here is a guide.

Exploring Hyeres

Hyeres is not a small town and its centre is rather interesting. There is an older section complete with medieval houses and narrow streets and there is a newer section that is more modern with wider roads and plenty of shopping. There are a number of huge villas dating back to the 19th century that were built when the town started to develop a reputation as a beach resort. Make sure you allocate enough time to explore the town fully, you won’t regret it.

Visit the tourist office

You should start your visit at the Tourist Office which lies a little to the East of the centre of town. There you will get a map that highlights two separate walks, one which explores the Old Town and the other, 19th century Hyeres. You should probably start of with the old town first because it requires the most effort to explore. Visit the Place Massillon which lies at the heart of the old town and is surrounded by colourful houses and cafes.

Check our the castle ruins

Sitting on a hill overlooking the town are the ruins of the 11th century Castle of Hyeres which you can visit. The castle itself was reinforced and expanded two centuries after construction and was ultimately destroyed at the end of the 16th century. There are some great views to be had from here so do make sure you visit. Upon your return to town you should visit the Villa Noailles that was designed in the 1920’s by acclaimed architect Robert Mallet Stevens and is one of the first modernist houses ever built in France.

Hang at the beaches

Hyeres itself is not located exactly on the coast, nevertheless there are still plenty of fine beaches very close by. The main beach is the Plage de l’Almanarre to the south of the town on the Presqu’ile de Giens. The climate is a little windy thanks to strong winds that originate offshore as well as those that blow from the North. Which beach you decide to visit will really depend on which set of winds you want protection from the most. You have a range of beaches dotted around the peninsula which means you have the option of facing either East or West.

Street view – Hyères by Ronald van der Graaf, France, on Flickr

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