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Excellent Eze

Post by Sharat | March 14, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Excellent Eze

Eze is a medieval French village sitting high up on a hill overlooking the French Riviera in Provence. As you would expect from such a location, there are fantastic views of the coast and across the sea. Whilst Eze is indeed extremely close to the Mediterranean and the resort of Eze-sur-Mer, because of its unique location it takes about half an hour to reach by car if you are driving from the coast. We highly recommend you pay it a visit, because Eze is one of France’s most beautiful villages which is high praise indeed. Its beauty and its location meansEze attracts lots of tourists and can become crowded but don’t let that put you off visiting because it really is worth it.

Exploring Eze

The entire village is pedestrianised which means if you drive there you will need park in the car park below the village. Right next to the car park is where you will find the village tourist office where you can obtain a tourist guide and map that will make exploring the village easy and provide you with information about attractions you should keep an eye out for. As you climb the hill on your way to the village you will spot the church and eventually reach the narrow-paved streets of the village centre that are entered through a 14th century gate.

Alleys and streets

There are a myriad of alleys and streets to explore in the village and you will find beautiful courtyards or a picturesque house every time you turn a corner. Most of the houses now serve as shops, art galleries or restaurants. Make sure you take a stroll along Rue du Barri which will take you to the Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or hotel. From there keep climbing the hill and wander through the village alleys and staircases where you will stumble upon many places of interest.

Galleries and cafes

You should check out Place Francis Blanche and its many streets that are extremely picturesque and filled with art galleries and cafes. You will also see some small fountains and beautiful windows and doors all of which add to the charm of Eze. On the edge of the old village you will find an orange church that was constructed between during the 18th century and features a neo-classical façade. Whilst it does look plain on the outside when you enter the building you will be impressed by the décor, paintings and frescoes.

Exotic garden of Eze

If you visit Eze make sure you visit the gardens and pay the entry fee, you will not regret it.In fact, if you don’t you will be missing out. The entrance to the exotic gardens are near the top of the village and the gardens are set amidst the ruins of a medieval castle. The semi-tropical gardens are beautiful and there are splendid views across the village rooftops and coast to be had which more than makes up for the cost of entry. There is a wide range of plant life as you would expect from a garden, plus there are areas where you can rest and relax. When you reach the summit of the garden you will arrive at the belvedere which is the best vantage point of the village and the Mediterranean.

Jardin exotique d’Eze by Sylvain Leprovost, on Flickr

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