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Frivolous Frejus

Post by Sharat | April 28, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Frivolous Frejus

Frejus is a town in Provence located quite close to the Cote d’Azur. The town itself has long and illustrious history and can trace its origins to well before the arrival of the Romans. 2000 years ago, Frejus was alreadyan important commercial hub and port. The sea has since receded from those days so the main port is now located at Saint Raphael.

Exploring Frejus

The centre of Frejus is a calm place and is also very pretty making it a pleasure to visit. The medieval centre revolves around the Place Formage and on either side of the square you will find the Cathedral of Saint-Leonce on one side and on the other the town hall. The latter previously used to serve as the bishop’s palace, it is painted in a pale orange colour and is certainly a sight to behold. From the square you can take a wander along the side streets where you will find many more pastel-painted houses and shops.

Frejus Cathedral

The main attraction of any visit to Frejus is without a doubt the Cathedral of Saint-Leonce. It is small and attractive and built in a very simple style. The main building was constructed during the 12th century and you will notice the decorative carvings surrounding the entrance to the building. Wait till you get inside the cathedral though, because this is where you will find its true treasure, a baptistry and 12th century cloisters. Frejuswas one of the first French centres of Christianity and as a result the baptistry has a history going back to the 5th century.

You can enter the baptistry through a doorway that was made deliberately low in order to force people to bend over when they enter and then leave fully upright following their baptism. The building is in the shape of an octagon complete with arches and columns around its edges.

Elsewhere in Frejus

You can also pay a visit to the Church of Saint-Maximum which is an attractive building constructed during the 15th century. Throughout the rest of Frejus there are numerous scattered Roman remains including what is left of an aqueduct. There is an amphitheatre and theatre that to this day continue to be used for events during the summer. If you prefer something quirky head to the Chinese pagoda or visit the Sudanese mosque. There is also a memorial to the war in Indochina. There is no real reason why these attractions are in Frejus, nevertheless they are interesting to visit.

Frejus Port and Beach

Inevitably every visitor to Frejus eventually ends up at the port or the beach! That is not surprising, the port is both modern and a pleasure to wander around. Whilst there are few clues regarding its long and storied history left remaining, it is pleasant to take a stroll along the water front promenade. You also have your choice of beaches to visit. Most are sandy and during the summer some of them are supervised, so make sure you choose the best one for you.

Frejus harbour by Steve Slater, on Flickr

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