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Graceful Gassin

Post by Sharat | May 7, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment

The only way to describe Gassin is lovely. This village sits high up on rocky land that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is consistently rated as one of France’s most beautiful villages. If you visit, you should start at the orientation table which is located close by the highest parking area. This is where you will get the most spectacular views of the Bay of Sant-Tropez and the surrounding hills. You can continue to explore by strolling along the medieval terrace known as the Promenade Dei Barri. Eventually you will reach a destination which has some splendid views and some fantastic restaurants with tables set up so you can take in the panorama.

Very pleasant to wander around

The historic village itself is quite small, its main square for example is not even wider than a road but wandering around the village is quite the treat. Make sure you check out the old well which is very interesting. Wherever you go in Gassin you will notice the delicious scent of jasmine that hangs in the air which makes the wandering around the village so pleasant. There is a garden towards the South of Gassin that is well worth visiting and features many plants that Provence is associated with.

A couple of historical monuments

The village of Gassin does not contain many historic monuments but there are one or two, which include the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption. This is actually a church that was built during the 16th century in Roman style with a typical square bell tower. You can also visit another chapel named the Notre-Dame-de-la-Consolation which was constructed in the 11th century and is located in a small park just below Gassin. A new village just below the original medieval village has been constructed and was awarded the top prize for best new town in all of Europe. It was designed by renowned planner Francois Spoerry and is designed using a style based on but not replicating the original village above.

Attractions nearby

Gassin has a sister village called Ramatuelle both of which were originally created to enable locals to escape the numerous pirates patrolling in the Mediterranean. There are also a number of beaches that are quite close by to Gassin which beach goers will love. You should visit the famous beach at Pampelonne as well as other parts of the coast which have now become protected region. If you are looking at a spot of rest and relaxation then make sure you visit the close by Port Grimaud and Saint-Tropez.

Gassin by Monica Arelleno-Ongpin, on Flickr

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