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Guide To Grimaud

Post by Sharat | June 28, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Guide To Grimaud

Grimaud is a village in Provence that is not far away from Saint-Tropez. Its history dates back to the Roman era because it occupies a strategic position that allowed its castle to dominate the entire area right until the 17th century. In fact, it was so important that the Gulf of Saint-Tropez was known as the Gulf of Grimaud until the end of the 19th century. If you visit this sleepy village today, you will probably find that all rather hard to believe.

Exploring Grimaud

There are a number of parking locations around Grimaud some of which are free, others require payment. If you want convenience, then park on the main road of the village, right next to the tourist office. Obviously, this is going to cost you money. No matter where you end up parking though, you need to start your trip at the tourist office where you can pick up a map of the village and its highlights. You can take a lift next to the tourist village up to the old village.

The old village

The old village used to serve as the centre of Grimaud and there is lots to see and you should spend time doing so. The lift will take you to Place Nueve which is a relatively recent addition to Grimaud having been built in the 19th century. There is a fountain that was built to deliver water to the town from the valley and before its construction Grimaud has no reliable source of water. This part of town is also where you will find most of its restaurants so it is definitely worth checking out.

The Church

You should pay a visit to the Church of Saint-Michael which serves as the main church in the village. It is quite a pretty building, constructed at the end of the 12th century in Roman style. Inside there are some wonderful medieval frescoes and behind the main building is a small chapel added during the 17th century. If you travel a little further you will reach the windmill that was added around the same time and was restored to mint condition in 1990.

Château de Grimaud

After having explored the village you should climb up the hill to the castle. The chateau can trace its origin back to the 11th century, though its defensive walls were added in the 13th century and other buildings were constructed after that. Grimaud was extremely prosperous in the period immediately following the 11th century until war and plague forced the people to live behind the fortification towards the end of the 14th century. The fortified village continued to grow up until the 17th century at which point it was abandoned following the revolution. The ruins of the castle are well worth exploring and there are some lovely views to be had that will take you as far as the Mediterranean.

Medieval Grimaud by Vasse Nicolas Antoine, on Flickr

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