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Guide To La Ciotat

Post by Sharat | August 14, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Guide ToLa Ciotat

La Ciotatis located in Provence and sits on the coast in between Marseille and Cassis. Thanks to its location there is some lovely coastal scenery to enjoy plus there is easy access to the beaches. La Ciotat itself serves as a fishing port complete with attractive harbour that is filled with pleasure crafts. The easiest place to park if you visit is at the large car park next to the ocean on the Western side of the port. From there it is a short walk to the tourist office where you can begin your exploration.

Exploring La Ciotat

You should make sure you visit the Church of Notre-Dame which was built in Roman style during the 17th century and continues to dominate the western harbour. The church was renovated during the 70’s and there are several frescoes painted during the renovation by Gilbert Ganteaume that are simply beautiful. You should then head to the old town where there are some very impressive houses that are at least four centuries old that you can admire plus a shady open square where you can sit and relax.

Parks and gardens

There are a number of parks and garden all of which are worth visiting. Some of the gardens are located in town.The the one you should definitely make room on your itinerary for is the Parc du Mugel which is a 12 hectare botanical garden. There is a huge variety of flora in this garden and it sits in a lovely setting, on a peninsula which gives you some lovely views across the Calanque du Muguel.

The beaches

If you want to spend some time at the seaside then the Plage de La Ciotat is where you should visit with its six kilometres of beaches but it requires a little bit of travel from the town centre. On the Eastern side of the port you will find the Gulf d’Amour which is where most of the sandy beaches are located. If you don’t want to trek very far head to the Plage des Capucins. If you are non-smoker then the beach to head to is the Plage Lumiere where smoking is prohibited which is unusual for France. If you are adventurous then continue further North-East where you will find some lovely smaller beaches.

Port de La Ciotat By Gerard Colombat, on Flickr

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