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Little La Grave

Post by Sharat | August 28, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Little La Grave

La Grave is a village that sits high up in the mountains and is about an hour drive North-West of Briancon. The village appears on the ‘most beautiful villages’ of France list and because there is a mountain range facing the village, many people refer to it as La Grave – La Meijie. It should come as no surprise if you haven’t visited before that the imposing mountains surrounding the village is the reason it is so scenic.

Exploring La Grave

Because La Grave sits at such a height there are no trees and this means you will not find any wooden chalets in the village. Another reason for the lack of wooden chalets is the village has in the past been consumed by fire so that definitely discouraged the idea. Instead you will find buildings constructed from rock complete with stone rooves. The houses are built mainly from volcanic rock and the village is perched on a slope and filled with a warren of narrow streets that wind in between the houses and the Roman style church constructed during the 12th century in the centre of town.

Spectacular views

The residents of La Grave are extremely proud and have a right to be because the village has been able to avoid the visual impact of tourism and the facilities blend seamlessly into the rest of the village. The views from La Grave of the surrounding countryside are nothing short of spectacular. If you decide to visit during the summer you will really enjoy some of the hiking trails in the region. Another very popular activity during that time of the year is rock climbing.

La Grave skiing

Whilst summer is a great time to visit, the best time to come to La Grave is without question the winter if you happen to be someone who enjoys winter sports. This is because La Grave is most famous for being a ski resort and if you do come for the skiing, then make sure you have experience because there are no established pistes and you will find yourself skiing on glaciers more often than not. It is possible to reach what is arguably one of the best ski runs in Europe by tram and lift and it is hardly a surprise that the village attracts so many experienced skiers thanks to its magical setting and incredible challenge.

2012-08-01 by Guillaume Baviere, on Flickr

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