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The Lac de Serre-Poncon

Post by Sharat | September 28, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
The Lac de Serre-Poncon

The Lac de Serre-Ponconis one of Europe’s largest man-made lakes and sits in a lovely location surrounded hills and mountains from where you can obtain some stunning views overlooking the lake. The lake itself is fed by two rivers, the Durance and the Ubaye and if you like water sports, then you should definitely pay a visit to one of the many lake-side village which can serve as excellent bases to participate in these activities.

Explore the Lake Serre-Poncon

There is a road on the Southern edge of the lake linking Embrun and Barcelonnette which is well worth driving along because it offers some fantastic views of the lake. If you have the opportunity and time, then it is highly recommended that you do the drive. If you are travelling with a motorhome then you will be glad to know that there a plenty of parking facilities which also serve as fabulous places to stop overnight.

Water sports

There is a dam located on the Western edge of the lake which is worth a trip and nearby is view point called Rousset which is yet another fabulous vantage point with spectacular views of the lake. Also quite close by is the ‘Museoscope du Lac’ where you can learn bout how the largest dam in Europe was constructed. If you can, you should stop off at the village of Savines-le-lac which sits on the Southern side of the lake and is arguably the main destination for water sports. From here you can take a boat tour or try your hand at a range of activities from sailing to water-skiing. Other alternative destinations for water-related activities include the villages of Crots and Chorges.


Savines-le-lac is in actual fact a recreation of a village that had to be flooded in order to create the lake that was rather unsurprisingly called Savines. It is still possible to see its church which used to overlook the village on its hill-top location and now occupies a small island in the lake. If you want to hang out in bars, eat at some nice restaurants or do a spot of shopping, head to Embrun on the lake’s Eastern shore. It actually sits on the hillside above the lake and is an attractive small town that is worth taking the time to visit.

Lac de Serre-Ponçon by Hape662, on Flickr

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