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Lovely La Brigue

Post by Sharat | August 7, 2018 | See France Destination Guides | Comment
Lovely La Brigue

La Brigue is a lovely little village that sits in an extremely beautiful riverside setting in between Tende and Menton. The village was originally part of Italy but was made officially part of France as a result of the Treaty of Paris in 1947. Very few people are aware of this gem because it is usually little more than a footnote in most travel guides, nevertheless the village of La Brigue is very picturesque thanks to its steep rocky hills on either side of the village. There are also a number of important historical sites that are well worth visiting so if you are in the region you should stop off for a visit.

Start on the bridge

You should start your tour of La Brigue on the bridge across the river in the very heart of the village. There are some lovely views to be had of the houses that dot the river banks and the river valley itself. At one end of the bridge you will find a small square where there is a chapel, church and a statue. The most important attraction here is the Church of Saint-Michel built during the 14th century. The church was constructed in Roman style with a baroque façade and given that La Brigue is so small it is much larger than one might expect.

Check out the frescoes

If you venture beyond the square you will eventually reach the older parts of the village where you will find some very attractive houses and a square that is adjacent to the river featuring arcaded buildings. Above the village lies the ruins of Chateau Lascaris which is well worth visiting. You should follow the road leading East out La Brigue and after a short while you will arrive as a small chapel nestled in the woods called Notre-Dame des Fontaines. The chapel sits in a peaceful setting and features a very simple design that is very unassuming. Upon entry however you will discover a very impressive set of frescoes painted by a 15th century artist named Canavesio.

Attractions nearby

While you can easily drive from La Brigue to Notre-Dame des Fontaines, it is highly recommended that you follow the path between the two instead. This is because by doing so you will better appreciate the location and countryside. If you follow the river upstream you come across a medieval bridge and a number of oratories on your way. The route is known as Chemin des Oratories and your walk will take a couple of hours to get there and back.

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