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Secret Art Galleries in Paris

Post by alister | April 18, 2013 | See France Tips | Comment

Fancy visiting some secret art galleries in Paris? Well, I say secret, I’m not the ONLY one who knows about these! But if you fancy heading of the well-worn tracks to the Louvre, and are up for seeing something a little different whilst in Paris, there’s a vast array of smaller galleries that might tickle your fancy.

Paris isn’t all about seeing the Mona Lisa, and let’s face facts, once you’ve seen her enigmatic face you won’t be that bothered seeing it again. So if you’re tired of the old Paris routine and want to discover what the capital’s REALLY about, why not check out some of the galleries below for a walk on the wild side.

Ps I’d add the addresses in case you get lost!

Galerie Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois – 36 rue de Seine 75006
This cute little gallery is host to exhibitions by younger French artists and their international counterparts, can is just a stroll away from the Seine on the left bank. Keep your eye open for the archway to enter this exciting home to some hip contemporary art that you won’t find anywhere else in Paris.

La Galerie des Galeries – 1st Floor Galeries Lafayette, 40 Bd Haussmann
This amazing 300 square metre exhibition space is sneakily hidden around the back of the Galliano, Gaultier and Westwood designer stores on the first floor of Galeries Lafayette department store. Recent exhibitions include all those hip to the contemporary Parisian art scene, including Pierre Ardouvin and Tatiana Trouve. A real art gem that is well worth the search.

Passage de Retz – 9 rue Charlot 75003
Behind the green door is not, unsurprisingly, Shakin’ Stevens (is he even still alive?!) but a veritable maze of rooms that lead to one of Paris’ finest contemporary galleries. With a wide range of artists showcasing a variety of styles, be sure to enter Passage de Retz with an open mind.

La Maison Rouge – 10 Boulevard de la Bastille, 75012
First opened way back in 2003, this former industrial building is now home to some of Paris’ most controversial shows. Brainchild¬† Antoine de Galbert allows independent guest curators to exhibit their art with La Maison Rouge, making it one of the most revered contemporary galleries in the whole of Paris. A must see.

So before you get stuck in the queues at the Louvre or end up wearing a beret outside the Eiffel Tower, why not scratch under the surface a little to see what Paris has to offer. There really is a great range of contemporary art galleries to visit, and many of them are free, which will make you look like a local. Au revoir!

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