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Guedelon Is Well Worth Visiting

Post by Sharat | October 14, 2016 | Trips to France | Comment
Guedelon Is Well Worth Visiting

Guedelon is an amazing project that is taking place in Burgundy to the North of Nevers. If you have never heard of it, it is the vision of a man named Michel Guyot who is seeking to build a 13th century castle in this part of France. Whilst that is unusual what is more remarkable is he intends to build the castle only using authentic tools and locally sourced materials. Mr Guyot has poured over every detail of the project to make sure it is as accurate as possible. He is even making workers wear the same type of clothing as workers would have worn back in the 13th century.

Using medieval construction techniques

The building was designed by Jacques Moulin who is the architect for the National Monuments of France. When the project needs ropes, they are made on site and when stone is required it has to be quarried from the ground right on site. All the techniques used to build the castle are the exactly the same as would have been used nearly 700 years ago. It is expected that the project will take over two decades to complete. The project employees 50 people and rather unsurprisingly is a major tourist attraction. Thousands of school children visit every year and it is amazing to watch how the project changes over time.

Fascinating attraction

Because the project is a work in progress, visitor to the site can never be sure what they will see. It all depends on the kind of work that is being done when people visit. One thing is for sure, if you do visit you will be fascinated by seeing all the authentic work being done and the materials used, all without the aid of a cement mixer. The project is open to tourists between April to October and the price of admission for adults is 9 Euros and for children 7 Euros.

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