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Guide To Gite’s

Post by Sharat | February 5, 2012 | Trips to France | Comment

Gite mean holiday home in French, and since SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais makes visiting the country so easy, we thought we would post a rough guide.

Gites tend to be located in more rural areas, and it is expected that the accommodation will be either a self catering cottage or villa. The word Gite historically refers to very simple accommodation used by shepherds and laborers, who used them to stay dry when it rained whilst they were working. Today these accommodations have been converted as popular tourist holiday homes.

Gites tend to be converted buildings on old farms, and this is the reason why they tend to display a wonderful French architectural style. These days, many of the buildings contain all the facilities that tourists expect from their holiday accommodations, and also tend to be located in very desirable locations for those travelers seeking a relaxing holiday. In most cases Gites are privately rented, and making use of the internet is the best way to find information regarding which would be most suitable for you.

The cost of renting a gite differs substantially from location to location. If you have a tight budget, finding simple accommodation with the most basic facilities is easy. If however luxury is more your style, finding a luxury villa with everything from high tech facilities to swimming pools is just as possible.
If you want your next holiday to France to have a bit more charm than it does when you stay at a regular holiday home, you should thing about renting a gite next time.

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