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No Romantic Experience Beats Paris Boat Tours During The Summer

A boat tour of Paris in terms of romantic experiences has no rivals, as you and your partner drift lazily down the River Seine, the city appears to fan out before you, as you wander down miles and miles of canal networks. If you want to get to Paris inexpensively, why not try SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais

When you take a tour of Paris by boat, you get to see some of the most legendary parts of the city, and you and your partner can enjoy a lovely romantic dinner against a backdrop of the soft glow of light reflecting from the water, or instead you can just sit back, relax, and take in the fresh air and feeling of floating against a scenic setting.

When is the best time to take a Paris boat tour?

The best time of year to take a tour of Paris by boat is between May and Mid September, and if you want to get to Paris without the hassle of flying, then SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais option. The sky during that time of year tends to be a little clearer, with warmer temperatures in the city. Boat tours during the autumn and winter are still worthwhile taking, however there is frequent rain during those seasons, add the wind to that equation, and sitting on the open deck seems less appealing.

The River Seine has been the subject of poetry like no other river in the world, and touring the city on this magnificent river is a fantastic way to see Paris’s most stunning monuments. So head over to Paris this summer with SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calaisand give it a try.

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