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SeaFrance Ferries Makes Owning A Second Home In France An Easy Option

Post by Sharat | July 21, 2011 | See France Tips, Trips to France, SeaFrance Ferries | Comment

SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais lets those who would like to visit fantastic destinations the ability to reach them quickly, and with so many on offer, it is almost impossible to choose where best to go. When you look carefully at your options, you will find that there is something for everyone.

With SeaFrance Ferries Dover Calais making nipping over to the continent such an easy option, it comes as no surprise that many in Britain are making second homes in France. In fact according to one recent report, the British own more French second homes than any other nationality.

However, there are some much more interesting statistics, 23 per cent of all French second homes are owned by citizens of other European countries, of which 80 per cent come from EU countries, and of those 30% were British citizen owned. After the UK, were Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands, with only 1% owned by people from other European countries.

The French North West is where most of these British owned second homes are located, areas such as the Savoie, Brittany, and Basse-Normandie.

People who purchase second homes tend to do so in border areas that are close to their country of residence. Germans for example favour their second homes in Lorrain, whilst the Swiss opt for Rhone-Alps.

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