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A Traveller Guide To France

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France, one of the largest countries in Europe stretches from the cold English Channel to the warm Mediterranean. This diversity in geology and climate means there are very interesting variations regionally in language, wine, cuisine and art. You can there from the UK by Seafrance Ferries Dover to Calais

The food in France is a varied as its landscape, in the north you will fine cow cheese and butter, whilst in the south, olive oil is used for cooking, with cheese made mainly form sheep and goat’s milk.

The country as a wonderful tradition of making cheese, and after a meal you should be sure to avoid sugary delights and opt for locally made cheeses instead.

Board and half Board

Many people in Europe will be familiar with the French concept of boarding, those not from the continent however will perhaps need the terms explained. When tourists see the price of a hotel room displayed, they will no doubt see the price displayed for one or two people, then followed by either of the two terms full board or half board. These prices are per person, and is the reason why they seem so reasonable.

Half board simply means the price includes a single meal, either lunch dinner or breakfast, whilst full board includes all three meals in the price. There are usually limitations attached, for example, guests who order extremely expensive items will probably be charged extra.

If you find yourself at dinner thinking “I should have asked for half board” ask your waiter, it still may be possible to get it if you order eligible menu items.

Leasing a Car in France – The Lease Buyback Plans

In France, new vehicles purchases are hit with high taxes, and in response French car rental companies offer lease buyback plans. This means if you want to save serious moolah on a car, you can do so by buying a slightly used one. In order to ensure that that cars are only slightly used, companies offer special programs for tourists from outside the European Union, to help them take some of the newness out of the cars.

This means a car can be leased for approximately the same price as a rental, and when it is returned, the car is then cleaned and sold, which means travelers get to drive a brand new car for the same price as a rental.

You need to think about buyback deals at least a month before your departure date. There is somewhat more paperwork to deal with on a buyback than a rental.

The French Rail System

Most places can be gotten to by the French Rail System, if you are planning on visiting Paris and some of the larger cities, the train system has the advantage of taking you right to the city centre where the larger hotels are usually located, and you wont have to drive around looking for a parking spot. Trains are also quite social, you can relax and converse with other travelers or read a book and plan the rest of your trip.

You can get many places on the French Rail System. If I’m planning to be in Paris and a few larger cities, I’d take the train. Advantages? You get right to the city center where there are usually hotels. You don’t have to drive through town looking for parking. You can relax on the train, meet other travelers, and plan the rest of your trip or just read a book.

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