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Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

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  • Day Returns : From £46
  • Each Way Fare : From £54

Train Information

  • Ferry Crossing InformationPassengers Per Car : Up to 9
  • UK Station : Folkestone
  • Destination(s) : Calais, France
  • Crossing Per Day from Folkestone : up to 3 an hour
  • Crossing Time : from 35 minutes
  • Check-in Information : at least 30 minutes prior to departure
  • Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

The Eurotunnel is the quickest cross channel route available from the UK, whilst also offering the freedom to take your car for complete independence when abroad. With a wide selection of fare structures offering great value, you can expect to find cheaper priced tickets when planning ahead and travelling at quieter times. Current offers include :

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle operates a fleet of eight passenger shuttles carrying up to 180 cars around the clock, 365 days a year, with up to 3 departures an hour. The services runs from Folkestone to Calais and provides motorists with a great entry point into the European transport network. Plus with direct motorway connections on both sides of the Channel, the Eurotunnel offers easy accessability on departure and return.

Eurotunnel Information

The Channel Tunnel itself was opened in 1994 and is made up of three separate lines, two main tunnels for trains and one central service area. Each tunnel is 40 metres under the seabed and 31 miles long, making it the longest undersea rail tunnel in the world.

The shuttle itself travels at an average speed of 87mph, so in as little as 35 minutes you will be whisked across the channel from one country to another, by far and away the fastest method of cross channel travel!

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle allows a whole host of different modes of transport to travel on board, including :

If you are taking a vehicle abroad, you will need to obtain a 'green card' from your insurer to cover for any accidents that may occur outside the UK. This will only cost a small fee but please ensure you contact your insurer at least a month in advance of your trip. You're car will also require a GB car sticker and headlamp adjusters, both easily puchased in Halfords.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle also allows Pet travel (with a Pet Passport), with over 250,000 pets having crossed the Channel in the last 9 years. Both terminals on either side of the Channel offer a great selection of freshments before and after you depart, plus free WiFi, toilets and baby changing facilities.

So for a quick and easy cross channel journey, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle offers both the speed and ease of passage that many people require, particularly those with small children.

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